How to Wallpaper a Dollhouse

Wallpaper in a dollhouse room is a great way to make the room look homey and lived in. It is also a great way to emphasise the period and style of the home. From a pastel shade in the nursery or bedroom, to an ornate velvet medallion print in the sitting room, there are endless choices to dollhouse wallpaper choices. You can even wallpaper the wall in two different but complimentary patterns, such as a stripe with a floral or use a wonderful border near the ceiling or at a chair rail level.


Things You'll Need:

  • Paper for template (any old paper will do)
  • Wallpaper (Make sure you buy enough to cover the space desired. Due to slight printing differences, if you order 3 sheets, then later realise you need 4, so order an extra sheet later on, you may notice a slight variation in colours- better to buy too much than not enough. Spare paper can always be used in other crafts, such as card making)
  • Rule
  • Craft knife with a nice sharp blade.
  • Wallpaper paste
  • Foam brush
  • Brayer
  • Molding or trim
  1. Paint the ceiling before wallpapering so there is no chance of dripping running down your freshly papered walls. (We stock Ceiling Papers too)

  2. Wallpaper the room before completing construction if possible. This allows the paper to be applied quickly and easily, without having to cut or trim around corners, doors or trim. Make sure to make a template of the room's walls before assembling as well for future wallpapering jobs.

  3. Make a template of the walls, if you are wallpapering a completed dollhouse. Trim a piece of paper and place it against the wall to assure a good fit. Keep the template for later use to save time.

  4. Decide if you will wallpaper the front wall of the dollhouse, if you have a front opening dollhouse. Allow enough paper to cover this surface as well. (Exterior papers available)

  5. Measure how much wallpaper you will need to purchase. Buy more than you need so that you have room for error and so the dye lots will match. (see note above)

  6. Use your template, a rule and a craft knife to cut the wallpaper. Test against the wall to make sure it fits nicely.

  7. Apply wallpaper paste directly onto the wall using a foam brush. Make sure the paste is light yet even.

  8. Place the wallpaper over the paste, shifting it around until it is in place.

  9. Smooth the wallpaper with your hands. Use a brayer, if necessary. Make sure your corners and edges are pressed down firmly. Allow to dry thoroughly.

  10. Add specialty dollhouse molding or trim to cover the raw edges at the ceiling or the baseboards. You can also use ribbon, braid or trim as a decorative element.

If you have any worries, troubles or problems, don't fret, and get in touch for some advice: [email protected]