Mr Sparrow's Greengrocers

It's been a long day for Mr. Sparrow in his greengrocers, but it's nearly time to go home. All that is left is to do find something to take home for his family's dinner. This 12th scale shadow box is home to Mr Sparrow, the shop keeper of a dated greengrocers. 

Mr Sparrow is a resin doll of a man with dark hair and wearing a brown apron. Here he takes on the role as a shopkeeper, though with an apron like that he could be comfortably be any manual professional or perhaps he is fixing something at home or even polishing shoes. His poised hands lend them to any number of action scenes. 

In this scene you'll see him standing proudly behind his counter in Sparrow's Greengrocers, the small village shop he has run since his father passed away. The shop is much as it was, but a few 'mod' con's' like a transistor radio have been added! 

Whilst he does his best, Mr Sparrow is a little bit messy! There are always sacks leaning against the cupboards, and don't be surprised if there is an apple or two on the floor. Can you see the missed strawberries on the counter?

What upsets Mrs Sparrow most is the wellington boots - she strongly disapproves with them on the shop floor, but atleast he keeps the store swept and mopped nicely. 

Nothing pleases Mr Sparrow more than a happy customer. As well as fruit and veg he stocks a few essentails that customers have asked for. The top shelf at the back of the shop is filled with boxes and tins of store cupboard necessities - you never know when you'll need a tub of Bird's Custard or Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce. Above the dresser sits an assortment of jars and bottles - these house Mr Sparrows famous pickles! 

In front of the green marble tiles, is evidence of his sweet tooth! If you look carefully you'll see a tin of Quailty Street hiding on the top shelf and a pack of Rolo's on the side kept for after his bacon sandwich lunch. Can you find the Roses tin?

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    How to create your own Greengrocers

    Everything you can see in this shadow box is avalible here at Magpies-Miniatures. Here is what you need to create your very own grocers. Don't forget the lights and wallpaper! 

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