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12th scale dolls for your dolls' house - from figures in period costume, to modern day families. Resin figures are hard, moulded characters which cannot be posed in your scenes. If you are looking for a little more scope to change the activities and positions your people are in, then browse our Ceramic figure range.
You'll find your dolls develop "personalities" as you place them in your scenes, and often the rooms can actually change around the people within them to make sure they fit well within their surroundings.

Adults usually stand at around 6 inches tall (15cm approx), and height of children varies due to the age they portray.

Please choose which type of doll you require:

  • Ceramic Dolls - Porcealain Dolls, somewhat poseable. Some soft-bodied, others hard-bodied.
  • Resin Dolls - Hard, non-poseable figures


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