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McQueenie 1/12th scale and 1/24th scale gypsy caravan kits, and we also offer a complete, ready-built vans. (While stocks last)
These kits are  precision made, and are of stunning quality - with lovely attention to detail in all aspects.

Full instructions are included, and kits arrive boxed, with each kit bagged seperately, so you don't waste hours working out which piece is which

These kits are intricate, and some parts are harder to assemble than others. You don't need to be an experienced kit-builder to be able to put these vans together, the instructions are there to guide you, and if you come across any difficulties, we are always available to offer advice and pointers.

They work wonderfully as gifts for people interested in caravans, kit construction, or indeed in the gypsy travelling culture. These items look stunning painted and decorated, or even left as a plain wood piece. The wooden pieces are NOT laser cut, so there are no burnt edges to hide.

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