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Here is our collection of 24th scale dollshouse furniture and accessories.

Many miniatures can be found here including 1:24 scale furniture, 1:24 scale wallpaper and many accessories and ornaments. Have a look at the items below and if there is something you can't find then don't hesistate to get in touch. We have deliveries of new miniatures all the time so maybe able to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Whilst 24th scale is much small than than 12th scale, some items can be used in a 12th scale setting. For example, a dinner plate in 24th scale could be a side plate in 12th scale. If you not sure then do ask we will be more than happy to help.

24th scale is becoming increasingly more popular in the UK and Europe, of course it takes up half the space that 12th scale does. But, the introduction of technologies like 3D printing is making it much easier for artisan miniaturiest to make dollshouse accessories and furniture with detail at this size. However, the range is still limited. Some artisans create copies of their 12th scale work in the half scale and slowly but surely it is becoming more available. 

That said it is easier to find 24th scale items across differenet hobbies, for example miniature railway enthusiasts often produce in expesive items from 22nd to 24th scales. Playmobile and other childrens play items and also in this scale. So you may find a suitable car for your 24th scale dollshouse that way! 

In 24th scale a doorway will be usually around 3 to 4 inches and a male doll stands between 2 and a half inches and 3 inches. If your not sure have a look at our guide for scale herescale explained


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