Ms Kate Batts

Tucked away on the shoreline is a small rugged house. No one knows exactly how small the house is, its the kind that seems smaller the closer you get. Except noone has every got close enough to see exactly what the house is like. It is said that as you approach the hosue of Ms Batts you can hear the whispering of fallen leaves. But, it is the cold chill that drops down your spine that truely keeps you away. Few have tried but never succedded, they reckon they were forcefully thrown from the house but can never tell how. 

No body knows how long Ms Batts has lived in that house. Everyone says she was there before them yet noone knows Kate. It is said that she is a firece-hearted women who has teeth of iron and a frightfully long noes. 

Children run away from her and adults say she looks right through them, as if she can see through walls and clothes. The older ones in the village reckon that she often takes the form of a jet black cat. 

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Strange things fill Kates kitchen shelves. Of course there are the usual tins, jars, and bottles, biscuits, cakes and treats. Kate even has a roast beef on the go along with some roast potatoes. Though the stew on the table is a litle doubtful. Are those carrots or eyes in there? 

Its definatly eyes in the jar on the top shelf behind the captured toad. Some say that Kate keeps the eyes of small children and captures those lost walking in the hills in little jars. 

Some poeple in the village think that Kate was a herbalist but others thought she was somekind of midwive. One thing is for sure there are hundreds of herbs, spices, tricks and treats. Can you spot the Rabbit seasoning?

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Upon first glance of Kate's kitchen you'd be forgiven for missing the signs. You could think it was just a cluttered, dusty kitchen. There is nothing particularly unusual, just like every kitchen there are shelves, cupboards, a sink and a kitchen table. 

But if you look closely there are a few oddities too. Its not so usual to find roses growing inside, bats in daylight or rabbits hoping around with frogs. Other odd extras include dice, ink and quills, and the rather large collection of walking sticks and broom sticks. And is that a few 'rag' dolls on the side? 

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