FIMO POLYMER MODELLING OVEN BAKE CLAY - 12th and 24th Scale Dolls' House Miniatures, Furniture and Accessories - UK suppliers Worldwide shipping

Discover FIMO polymer clay - a simple and easy to use modelling clay. Ideal for use with our jewellery blanks, this FIMO clay can be moulded to your desired shape and, with our wide range of fantastic colours, you can get as creative as you wish. The beauty of FIMO is that it doesn’t require a professional kiln - you can bake your FIMO soft clay in a home oven, making this the ideal crafting tool for beginner jewellery/model makers.

Experiment with all sorts of shapes and designs for your jewellery/model making projects, and discover the entire FIMO soft clay range today.


Adult supervision require if the model maker is under 14 years old!