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All categories, unless otherwise stated, house 12th Scale Miniatures (1 inch scale, 1:12) - this is the most popular scale for miniature collectors and enthusiasts.

24th scale (Half-inch scale, 1:24) can be found below in it's own category.

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Tell me more about Dolls’ House Miniatures and Scales

Dolls’ house miniatures are scale models of real life items created for collectors. “Scale” is in reference to the size of the item in relation to its real-life size. For example, 12th scale (also called Inch Scale), means that an item which is 12 inches in “real life”, is scaled down to 1 inch (approx. 2.5cm) in miniature form. So a 6 foot person would be scaled down to 6 inches – approx. 15cm tall. 24th scale is half that size again, and is often called Half Scale- so in this instance; a 6 foot person would be scaled down to 3 inches tall in doll-form, approximately 7.5cm. Most of the miniatures on Magpies-Miniatures are 12th scale (inch scale) miniatures – 24th and 16th have their own categories, and are much more difficult for us to source, but we always keep an eye out for new suppliers to bring new products to you as customers. As we are also starting to create our own range of miniatures, particularly miniature food, made from polymer clay- we are looking to expand our range of 24th scale miniatures.

What are Dolls’ House Miniatures made from?

As with products in a full size world, miniatures are created from a varierty of materials. Furniture is usually crafted from wood, and resin is also occasionally used. Minaiture food is more often made from polymer clay, textured using a varierty of techniques, and finished using glaze or varnish to create realistic looking results. Magpies-Miniatures are beginning to handmake scale food and other items, so thisarea will be soon expanding. Items don’t stop at wood, resin and clay – materials are as vast as they are in real life, and as a miniature collector you start to see things in a new light – simple string which can be aged to look like weathered ropes on ports, lids off products become bases for cupcakes or tumblers- collecting doesn’t have to be expensive, and sometimes it pays off to be more inventive with your works. We stock a huge range of miniature tea and coffee sets, which are made from metal or porcelain, and we also house a wonderful collection of Dolls’ House miniature bathroom suites too, which are also ceramic and wonderfully finished with intricate patterns, designs, and metal fixtures.

Dolls House Lighting

People often fear lighting their dolls’ houses, as they are afraid to get something wrong and face huge hurdles to correct it. Lighting doesn’t have to be difficult, and we can offer advice and guidance if needed. If you really are uncertain about your ability to “wire-up” a house, then take a look at our LED lighting selection. LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode”, they are the tiny lights you find in modern style Christmas lights. These LED lamps are simply attached by magnetic spots to wherever you want them to go in your house, then are easily taken down, and turned on and off by switches on the side. This makes them ideal for a first-time collector, or if you don’t have the space for a huge electrical system of wires and transformers – also perfect if there’s no nearby plug socket!

Is Miniature Collecting Expensive?

This is completely relative. We stock a huge array of Dolls’ Houses, which vary greatly in price according to their style and size- some are more intricate than others which is reflected in the price. We do also offer Free Delivery (UK) on our Dolls’ Houses, which helps keep the costs down! As for the Dolls House Miniature Accessories, again the pricing structure can vary greatly. Looking at furniture for example, we supply a “standard” range of furniture which is still amazing quality, but is affordable for most collectors. Don’t expect to take on too much at once though, take collecting one day at a time- you can’t rush into a project, and often the house will design itself, once you make a start you may feel it’s taking a different turn, and drift away from your original plans. We stock some fabulous top of the range pieces, which are considered to be heirloom pieces- genuinely something to pass on to the kids and grandkids – look at our JiaYi and Bespaq ranges to be amazed at the quality and finish of these pieces, but of course they come with a higher price tag. They are hand finished and honestly breath-taking- some of my favourite pieces in our entire collection are from our JiaYi range.

What miniatures do you stock?

We house a large collection of the Streets Ahead Miniature collection, and can order other items in if we don't appear to have them inn stock. We are also suppliers of the very fine JiaYi Miniaturen collection, Warwick Miniatures- who specialise in British pewter models, Phoenix models, Bespaq, Aztec miniatures, Falcon Miniatures, and we are growing our own handmade doll house miniature collection.